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Ali Elenor

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Ali Elenor

Alireza Mohammad, known as Qalandar (former Eleanor) was born in the early hours of seventy Najmieh hospital in Tehran. AR childhood in the neighborhood of Abad (East) and adolescence and his youth in neighborhoods Vsfnard and Fallah (South) was spent. Ali lost his mother at the age of four and grew up in a middle class family down.
Rap Ali 84 years with the album “Dog’s Life” was started a few years but due to personal Ali Rap stayed away till the damn album in 92 years with a political dissident who was naturally return to rap.
The release of the album brought a lot of stories to Ali.
Ali, a student of the “software” and in the same year due to an interview with RadioFarda (Kambiz Hosseini) to break the norm and was charged with acting against national security and was expelled from the university.
He said his childhood and adolescence are hard and never refuses to return to those days.
In such a way that he writes on his blog:
“I was born and Mafyhaysh to play, I was among the people who run for a living, walking slowly and enjoy your life, but my life was over punishment, the death of a loved throughout my life, my life was the death of dreams and aspirations where both children, I see the joy in the arms of those who expose the lives of thousands of people were infected with b, b Azizi said anemone promise to me now, I’m alive at night anemone should be found in a new city, I was living in hell wander your way to heaven, followed Bvdmv still did not find it, because I found my life is not heaven, not heaven, not the way to heaven … ”
More theme songs of Ali poverty, tyranny and fascist and social problems.

You can download all the works of Ali got the full archive site


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