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Hojat Rahimi

Last Update: 8 months ago

Hojat Rahimi

Hojat was a child prodigy with excellent creativity, In the art of world.

At the age of 8 he recognized that he had a talent in music . Every time he listened to music from radio and tv he got to feel as much more that he wants to follow this way.
Rahimi started to get into the music world by singing then at the age of 10 he entered musical classes. In his first music class he learned the basic piano playing . After years by having several teachers , he found himself as a great pianist in age 15.
In that age he really knew the piano both theoretic and practically, in other hand he had been piano teacher for small children who newly started to learn this instrument.
Hojat Rahimi could communicate with some TV and radio which followed that he got jobs there as music arranger in Ahwaz.
The channels which he worked in were:
1. Chanel 5 & Radio in Ahwaz
2.IRIB Chanel in children and teenagers program ,Tehran.

in 1386_2008 he had been invited to a big international music festival which was placed in ahwaz. he had played piano notes of great pianist-er in world such as Beethoven and …
in that contest he got the first position award and became a proud afghan boy who represented his art to other people.

Young Hojat began studying music with the encouragement of his Father and mother. He learned to play the piano and the Keyboard just before he was 18 years old. at age 15, he entered a school of arts in Ahvaz ( IRAN ) and in a short time showed great intelligence in composing and playing music. it resulted that he received music diploma from the school.

Rahimi composed a great deal of music for other singers. Finally, in 2005, his first album was presented, Ya Saman (“Gardenia”), which was a collection of classic and folkloric music played and arranged by Rahimi (Keyboard, guitar, piano, Tablas). In the same year his voice was heard , his first vocal music, and afterward he continued working that resulted in Chi Begam(“What Say”), his first complete vocal album.

In 1999 he created a revolutionary album, Na rafegh(“Narafigh”), with rock and Slow , 6’n’8 and popular rhythms. However, none of his songs were permitted to be played on public media (i.e. TV). Rahimi worked hard to get a permission for his Nazanin (Nazanin), an album that was supposed to be released in 2007.

He made lots of music for great singers both for afghan and Iranian singers. he had worked as composer and arranger and also he wrote poems and lyrics for songs.
he worked hard in both media and for art world in Iran
until he moved to Afghanistan in 2008. there He became so highly recommended to work in Afghanistan as part of the music that he was been invited in TV and radio and had been asked for interviews.
he presented then lots of work and served for music world in Afghanistan. it resulted that his face and voice became so popular and became a beloved voice for people.
his popularity was so high when Tolo TV asked him to work in Barbud company .
in following he had made many afghan and Iranians movie songs , for example *az man chera miranji* of Farid Azim.

Rahimi has over 30 songs and also has set up more than 100. he made songs for famous and popular singers from Iran & Afghanistan.
Many who are not countable.
.Hojats piano and keyboard skills are amazing, he was invited to play several concerts.
Hojat in the year 2011 got 5th position in a Iranian contest among Iranian singers . Rahimi recently made an album called Valentine , which has very famous songs, including: Az Man Chera Miranji _ Ajab Balo Balai _ Valintine _ Pedar _ Nazanin Tanaz Man _ Sahari Be Yad Royat …………….. !
he left iran with no better choice, he decided to leave Iran in 2011, in order to continue his music in Italy ,away from any
Az Man Chera Miranji (“Why is my pain”), Valentine(Valentine) ” are his most recent famous albums released . In
addition, Rahimi Composed And Sang in
One movie, namely,Az Man Chera Miranji.
Hojat did not get help and permission from iran government for his art.
they refused to help him because he was an afghan artist.
Hojat with his family ought ed to leave Iran though his mother is from Iran.
Rahimi Hojat rather than music likes
the sport of Taekwondo.
he proudly has 3rd Dan Black Belt And in all
competition got 1st position.
he had also been invited to the Iranian national
team but because of his nationality, Rahimi
failed to enter the team.

Hojat is definitely a promising
star with an extra ordinary talent. We expect more success day by day for our extra ordinary star.
he invited to Programs and the Great festival such as MEDIMEX when he REACHED ITALIAN .
They appreciated
him so much in Italian , asking him for interviews and giving him support and result-sheets.
He working now in Sweden as Music Producer & Teacher Piano In the Kulturverket.Radio Javan as professional musician.
best regards : Hojat Rahimi


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