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Navid Sadr

Last Update: 2 years ago

Navid Sadr

Navid Sadr (Persian: نوید صدر) born November 7, 1991. Better known by his stage name Navid (Persian: نوید). Is an Iranian rapper from Tehran. It was about 2006 that started his own four member band by the name Protesters .By the year 2007 he released the album Dakhme Haye Shahr with’em & after that Protesters disbanded. Dakhme Haye Shahr contained 15 tracks & sold 400 original packages.Also he worked two years as “Recording Supervisor” in Mr.Rad’s studio, as one of Hidden Mafia’s temporary members. After his first album he produced many single songs & had a shot co-operation with Tiriboon podcast (main host) & RapSun’s blog (official writer) to helping Persian Hip-Hop’s culture. He started his next album “Khesht” in December 2010 & released in December 2011, labeled by Divar. He’s still working with Divar.


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