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Amirreza Tari, AKA Rezaya, (7/July/1987) was born and brought up in Sari, a city in thetimthumb.phpnorthof Iran. He later moved to Tehran when he was 6/7 years old. As a child he was ambitious and active. He started painting, playing musical instruments and writing songs from the age of 6 and took up playing the guitar professionally at the age of 11. He went to art school and studied graphics, but choose to pursue music for higher education. At university, his mentors were some of the most well-known professors and artists of Iran. He started making music and releasing singles with one of his closest friends, Ashkan Abroon, who is now one of the best and most famous producers of music in Iran. He released his hit song, Nazgol, featuring Armin and Shahin Felakat 2006. Rezaya and Armin continued working together and achieved other successes aswell. Amir Tataloo, Hosein Tohi and Ardalan Tome are some of the other artists who Rezaya has worked with. However, after a while, he choose to go in a different direction and said goodbye to the world of rap altogether. He choose the name Rezaya due to a number of reasons. Because it was simple, different but most importantly, because he was looking for a name that would create a mystery in the mind of his audience. He is currently a very popular singer in Iran. In addition to being a singer, he is a composer, musician, poet and painter. He loves art and thinks of it as being eterna and magical. His favourite types of music and Progressive Rock. Among his other interests, philosophy and cosmology can be seen..


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