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Zedbazi name of Persian rap and rock music that plays in London and Paris .
Saman Wilson and Hayden pooch when they were studying together in a high school in Tehran and it was about two and formation of these groups . The two later met at a party with Sohrab MJ .
They claim that these songs are the best rap group in Iran . Brought to Iran by the formula of the first two bits are different styles . Tuesday the original singer of the group include :
Keramati Saman ( Saman Wilson ) (Wilson) was born in 1364
Mehrdad Mostofi ( mehrdad Hiden ) (Hidden) Born in 1363
Sohrab Morad Khah ( Sohrab MJ ) (MJ) was born in 1364

Well as Shen Syjl (Sijal) and Alireza JJ (JJ) before either an honorary member of the group and participate in some of the songs he played and had recently joined the group gathered . In fact, these two people in France are engaged to record the song . [ 1 ] agrees with these groups is a breeze as well .

1, Siavash Syjl
2 Alireza JJ
3 albums and songs
4 saying goodbye
4.1 Member ‘s singles
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Siavash Syjl

Siavash Jalali ( Syjl ) issued in Tehran , born in 1364 . C = Siavash / / Siavash Jalali blanket = my first song with Jay Singing together were called the woman in the video was broadcast on the blade .
Alireza JJ

Islands nicknamed in Tehran in 1364 , Alireza JJ Zadhshd . In 1382 he moved to Paris to continue his studies . Studies in the field of cinema , but at the same time as singing and songwriting deals. His first was with Shen Syjl and a breeze to rap and sing some songs with Zdbazy worked but now is one of the original members of the group . One of the enduring songs Zdbazy groups that compose it short summer JJ was responsible .
Albums and Songs
Main article : Tranhshnasy Zdbazy

The group ‘s first album released in 2011 called Zakharnamh The album was released in June 1391 . The first single off the album called ” Tehran is mine ” 18 Persian date Farvardin 1391 broadcast. [ 2 ]
Zakhar Zdbazy new album titled debut album Letters , which is attended by all members of the group (except Saman Wilson ) was broadcast on 16 Khordad 1391 . He played a great uproar was able to release his first album called Zakharnamh . Group Zdbazy Zakharnamh album debut studio album , is. The album was released on 16 Khordad 1391 . Hayden pooch , Sohrab MJ , Shen Syjl , Alireza JJ , and Nasim are present on this album . Also, no , Lito B. , and A. had as guest vocalist on the album are also currently recording his album pooch Hayden is capital . [ 1 ] new song is called Zdbazy Obi Zdbazy it refers the reader to the new will .
One poster Ang Obi
Saying goodbye

“ “ I like this song for its spread .




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